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FSF 1000 FASPLINT FULLBODY “Savings Alert” Prior-Stock Product

Original price was: $298.00.Current price is: $119.00.

Continuous Spinal Motion Restriction and Patient Comfort In a Complete Budget Friendly Package. Brand new, prior-stock splints, never used, and in perfect condition. We’re offering these prior-stock units at an incredible deal allowing you to save a bundle! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grab a high-quality, Made in the USA product from Hartwell Medical at an unbeatable price. Special Offer: Every one of these units includes a portable suction adapter, so you don’t need a pump to get yourself started. (All aluminum pump and carry case not included and may be purchased separately)

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FS 12HSTIP FASPLINT Pump Hose W/Tapered Tip For Compact Vacuum Pump Aluminum


Blue hose with tapered adapter for FASPLINT pump. This is a direct replacement hose assembly ready to install into your Hartwell Medical compact aluminum pump. Pump is not included.

SKU: FS 12HSTIP Category:
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EV 15CRHSE Cramer pump EVAC-U-SPLINT adapter


EVAC-U-SPLINT® Cramer vacuum splint adapter. Utilize an existing Cramer vacuum pump and convert it for use with a Hartwell Medical EVAC-U-SPLINT.

SKU: EV 15CRHSE Category:
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EV 30 Patch Kit for Vacuum Splints and Mattresses


Patch Kit for Vacuum Splints (Peel & stick adhesive patches 1″ x 1″, fast cure time, no glue required, Pkg. of 10). For use on all EVAC-U-SPLINT® and FASPLINT® splint and mattress products.

SKU: EV 30 Category:
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LB 1002-DS BriteGrip Disposable Laryngoscope Handle


The lightweight Hartwell Medical, single-use disposable laryngoscope handle provides the performance and power of a reusable. This innovative handle offers numerous advantages to substantially reduce the potential for cross-contamination known to exist with reusable devices. Plus, you’ll save valuable time and hassle never needing to sterilize and inspect your handles again.

SKU: LB 1002-DS Category:
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CC 2200P CombiCarrierII – Factory 2nd Perfectly Imperfect

Original price was: $1,269.00.Current price is: $625.00.

Brand new CombiCarrierII with a couple visual imperfections that we would not want to sell as a new product. While never used, it has a couple bugs that didn’t pass visual quality control. Otherwise, it’s a brand new device and includes 4 speedclip fasteners. We’ve got a few of these and when they’re gone…they’re gone.

SKU: CC 2200P Category:
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FS 14RC FASPLINT® Carry Case – Rectangular


Replacement Rectangular Carry Case for FASPLINT® Extremity Splints, 19″ x 11.75″ x 7″

SKU: FS 14RC Category:
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FASPLINT HALFBACK Carry Case Carry Case. 22.5” length x 12.5” Width x 6.75” depth, sized for the FASPLINT HALFBACK Carry Case. Made from rugged and durable material with logo.

SKU: FSH 14 Category:
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